Cookie Cutter

Free Packing Program for SVG Shapes

CookieCutter is a program for packing many copies of one SVG shape on a paper sheet.

Shapes are rotated and moved to maximize material utilization.


  • Packing with fixed orientation for materials with directional features like, patterned paper, textile or wood.
  • Packing with arbitrary direction for homogeneous materials.
  • Extremely fast and efficient packing algoritms
  • Import SVG files. Export in simplified SVG
packing of SVG shapes on paper sheet
Cookie version: 1.00

CookieCutter for Ubuntu 22.04 Free Download

Unpack the zip archive with the following command:


This will create new directory with cookie executable, configuration files and documentation.

System requirements

  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Processor: 3 gigahertz (GHz)
  • RAM: 2 gigabyte (GB)
  • Hard disk space: 50 MB
  • Display: 1920 x 1080
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