Press Release

New release of Ring2D software for packing circles and rings


Today, we released a new version of our free application Ring2D for Windows 10 and Ubuntu. This version have improved optimization algorithms and performance.

Our Company is dedicated to provide high quality CAM software that aids the customer in producing cutting optimizations irrespective of industry. The produced DXF files are ready for laser cutters, plasma cutters, and other CNC machines.

The optimization problem solved with Ring2D are: Packing of circles (disks) and rings in sheets.

With the Ring2D application, users can create optimized layouts to reduce scrap generated by different cutting processes, that involve glass cutting, sheet metal cutting or fabrication and wood working.

Software features:

  • Packing disks and rings.
  • Packing in rectangular sheet and circular sheet.
  • Packing rings in other rings (ring-in-ring).
  • Advanced packing algorithms for excellent results.

Learn more about Ring2D at:

Ring2D nesting report